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State Certified

IV Therapy / Blood

Withdrawal for LVN's


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IV Therapy LVN

This three day course meets California State course requirements for IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Certification for LVN's.

Please call or email with any questions or concerns you may have about this course, or stop by to see our facilities!


GMEC's  IV Therapy Certification course for LVNs is a self contained 36-hour course completed over a three day period. We do our best to keep the course exciting with a combination of:

  +highly qualified instructors who share their experiences in the field

  +practical lectures to increase knowledge and understanding

  +hands-on practice to sharpen and hone skills!

While this is a bit of a marathon weekend, we do our best to keep it exciting with a combination of lecture and hands-on! To ensure plenty of one-on-one time, Genesis brings in multiple instructors during this weekend course, and limits attendance to what we feel is the optimal number of Nurses.  There is no home study to be done prior to this course and homework is not required or accepted.

And once you're certified, you never have to renew the certifications as long as your license remains current (please check the following LINK to see the BVNPT website page for this course or the following link to view the Vocational Nursing Act)! 

Areas of IV therapy and blood withdrawal covered thoroughly in this combined class include:

♦ Theory content includes, but is not limited to:
- Requirements in the Business and Professions Code, Section 2860.5(b)
- Psychological preparation of the patient
- Universal precautions for infection control
- Blood withdrawal
- Methods
- Skin puncture
- Venipuncture
- Arterial puncture (optional)
- Selection of appropriate method
- Safety measures
- Possible complications
- Basic IV Review
- Advanced Theory (maintaining PICC lines, Central Lines, Pumps, etc.)
- Possible complications
- Preparation of withdrawal sites

♦ Clinical content includes, but is not limited to:
- Preparation of equipment for blood withdrawal
- Safety factors
- Choice of withdrawal site
- Choice of artery (optional)
- Choice of device for blood withdrawal
- Techniques of venipuncture
- Techniques of arterial puncture 
- Skin puncture practice: 
- Preparation of site
- Preparation of equipment


Upon successful completion of this course, Genesis students are welcome back to take any or all of this class again at a later date to sharpen and brush up their skill sets, at no cost!

Please be aware that home study is no longer accepted for any IV Therapy Certification course for LVNs, and certification is only recognized when received from a course that adheres to these guidelines. Certificates are issued once the licensee has completed the entire course, including all theory and clinical practice /testing.

Each day of this course provides 12 hours of instruction (not including lunch or breaks) and begins at 7:00am sharp. Any missed hours due to lateness can be made up at the end of class or rescheduled to another course. This course will not end prior to the stated 12 hours of instruction, with no exceptions in order to prevent a delay in your certified status at a State level.

Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality of instruction and education to each of our students, and to ensure the safety of their future patients.

To ensure students feel comfortable during testing, safety issues and possible complications are covered prior to examination.

Practical testing on fellow students is required on the last day of class that included live sticks. A proxy may be brought in your place if you cannot have a live stick performed on you for any reason. LVNs with license numbers will be issued an IV Therapy/Blood Withdrawal Certificate upon successful completion of this course.

LVN students and those whose licenses are pending will be provided with a temporary certificate of completion that may be shown to current or potential employers as proof of course completion.

Upon course registration, the student manual can be mailed to the provided shipping address at student's request.

All State paperwork will be sent to the BVNPT by Genesis on student's behalf upon successful course completion. Student will receive the original documents and certificate for their records.

-36 CEH’s (Continuing Education Hours)

For information regarding out-of-state certifications being applied to a California license, please visit the following LINK.

For additional information about license renewal, CEH providers, and general scope of practice, please read more HERE

Course Cost: $250.00

(This includes all manuals and supplies.)

LVN's receive 36 CEH's




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