Advanced  IV Therapy

/Blood Withdrawal for RNs

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IV Therapy RNA perfect course for any RN wishing to update skills, experience live practice, and further their knowledge base.

This is a 20 hour course (not including time during lunch or breaks) and will begin at 7:00am sharp. To ensure students feel comfortable during testing, safety issues and possible complications are covered prior to examination. Practical testing on each other is an optional courtesy we extend to all RNs on the last day of class.

The student may bring a proxy to test on directly if they cannot be stuck for any reason.

RNs may also attend a third day (Sunday) either partial or complete, to receive additinal hands on time. There is no cost for this option.

Areas of IV therapy and blood withdrawal covered thoroughly in this combined class include:

♦ Theory content includes, but is not limited to:
- California Code of Regulation Title 16, Article 5, Section 1456
- Psychological preparation of the patient
- Universal precautions for infection control
- Blood withdrawal
- Methods
- Skin puncture
- Venipuncture
- Arterial puncture (optional)
- Selection of appropriate method
- Safety measures
- Possible complications
- Basic IV Review
- Advanced Theory (maintaining PICC lines, Central Lines, Pumps, etc.)
- Possible complications
- Preparation of withdrawal sites


♦ Clinical content includes, but is not limited to:
- Preparation of equipment for blood withdrawal
- Safety factors
- Choice of withdrawal site
- Choice of artery (optional)
- Choice of device for blood withdrawal
- Techniques of venipuncture
- Techniques of arterial puncture 
- Skin puncture practice: 
- Preparation of site
- Preparation of equipment


Course Cost: $250.00

Any California RN will receive 20 CEH's (Continuing Education Hours)




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