LVN New Grad Package



IV Therapy LVN

As new grads, LVNs are usually looking to build their resume while getting practical hands on time.

The classes included in this package are those most requested by hospitals of new applicants, as well as those courses that provide an excellent foundation of knowledge that LVNs can effectively build upon.

Registration and scheduling for this package may be done during normal business hours by phone (714) 577-0187.

This package includes the following courses:

-IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal (Certification does not expire)

-Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) /includes most current student manual (Renewal every 2 years)

-Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR /course is completed same day as ACLS course (Renewal every 2 years)

-Mechanical Ventilation and Trach (Certificate of completion does not expire)

-ECG Interpretation and Pharmacology (Certificate of completion does not expire)


LVN students and those whose licenses are pending will be provided with temporary certificates of completion that may be shown to current or potential employers as proof of course completion.

Upon course registration, manuals can be mailed to the provided shipping address at student's request (there is no additional cost for this option).

All State paperwork for the IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal class will be sent to the BVNPT by Genesis on student's behalf upon course completion. Student will receive the original documents and certificate for their records.

For additional information about license renewal, CEH providers, and general scope of practice, please read more HERE

Courses in this package may be rescheduled at any time at no cost. Please be aware, there are no refunds for this package. However, course credits never expire!

Package Cost: $730.00

(Cost includes all manuals & supplies.)

Please call to register and schedule

class dates at (714) 577-0187

Prices subject to change in August, 2016.



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