Neurological Disorders


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Neurological Disorders

A variety of topics are thoroughly covered in this course to better understand the evolution of Neurological disorders as well as preventative steps and treatments currently in use.



Learning Objectives:

1. Analyze abnormal assessment findings consistent with neurological compromise.

2. Discuss the physiological principles affecting intracranial pressure and cerebral perfusion.

3. Discuss current available methods of monitoring intracranial pressure.

4. Compare and contrast the medical and surgical options for a patient with a cerebral hemorrhage verses ischemic/embolic stroke.

5. Discuss the pathophysiology and complications of Locked-In-Syndrome.

6. Discuss the current assessment and criteria for determining brain death.

7. Explain the significance of the mechanism of injury when assessing for traumatic brain injury.

8. Discuss the assessment and management of the patient with traumatic brain injury.

Additional topics include:

-Assessment of the unconscious patient, Review of terminology, Glasgow Coma Scale

-Traumatic Brain Injury. Signs/Symptoms. Complications. Epidural/Subdural hematoma/Intracerebral

-Increased Intracerebral Pressure and Cerebral Perfusion, ICP monitoring, Brain Death Criteria

-Locked-In-Syndrome, Stroke, Hemorrhagic, Ischemic/Embolic, Assessment and Diagnostics

Upon successful completion of this course, Genesis students are welcome back to take any or all of this class again at a later date to sharpen and brush up their skill sets, at no cost!

Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality of instruction and education to each of our students, and to ensure the safety of their future patients.

-4 CEH’s (Continuing Education Hours)

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Course Cost: $125.00

(This includes all manuals and supplies.)




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