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Course Description:

This GMEC Wound Care Course understands that the most important factor regarding wound care is prevention. This course emphasizes the importance of a Provider’s overall ability to recognize, assess, and prevent the development of a variety of common wounds as well as exploring the current and accepted treatments in a healthcare setting. A better understanding of the factors and environments that contribute to the development of wounds is a skill that increases the level and quality of care a patient receives.

With liability of wounds developed while under the care of hospitals now the responsibility of the hospitals themselves and the threat of fines and/or cost of additional treatments, many Healthcare Professionals are being required to attend a Wound Care course that will increase their knowledge in wound prevention.

This course is open to all qualified California Healthcare Professionals and is designed as a course to increase a student’s understanding and knowledge of wounds in the Healthcare setting and is for educational purposes only. As outlined by the BVNPT, this course is for educational purposes only and does not identify a provider as a Certified Wound Care Nurse. Nor does the certificate you will receive upon completion imply that you may perform procedures beyond a student’s specific scope of practice outlined by their particular governing body.


RN CEHs: 8

Course Cost: $175.00


ACLS Certification Course Length: 8 hours (approx.)

Intended Audience
The course is designed for medical providers such as RNs, LVNs, Physical Therapists, and Healthcare Professionals who may encounter wounds in the workplace.

Mandatory Student Materials:
Your Wound Care Note Packet will be provided the day of your course. There are additional optional materials available on site for an additional fee if desired.



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This course does not provide a certification in Wound Care or imply that any student upon course completion may perform procedures or actions that not within their scope of practice. It is the responsibility of each individual student to understand their specific scope of practice. This course is for educational purposes only and will provide Continuing Education Hours for LVNs and RNs as well as a Certificate of Completion. Thank you!