If you spend your money here you will not be disappointed.



Adam B.

I took the IV Therapy/Blood Withdrawal course.  Good luck finding a better place than this.

Every single one of my questions was answered-and no one EVER has more questions than ME.  If YOU want an environment in which it is okay for you to be unsure of yourself or hesitant, an environment that will let you take things at YOUR speed, if your English is not as good as a Native speaker of English, if you want a place where it’s safe to be new and learning, Genesis is where you want to go for sure.

If you spend your money here you will not be disappointed.

Even the TESTING was a good experience.  The TESTING!   When you get tested you don’t need to be anxious or nervous or worried.  The testing is fundamental.  You DO test on each other, you poke your partner 3x, once on the hand and once at each elbow.  Make sure your partner has easy to see veins-partner up with a skinny person!

We practiced in a variety of ways.  By ourselves on bananas, simulation with a partner next to us, simulation with a partner behind us, watching other people, having the Instructor walk up and down the rows demonstrating, watching, refining, correcting, stopping and pausing, proper angles and movement, etc.  The practice was thorough.  You get to have the instructor watch you right there at your table, every move you make, when you are good enough, and they’ll help you refine your movements.

I took this course very seriously.  One, it’s blood drawing and IV starting, two, it’s new territory-the first time learning these things you must learn how to perform the task correctly.  The details are very, very important.  It gets so nit-picky that you have to hold your fingers in a specific way, at a specific rotation, in specific places, in specific relation to your other fingers, and at a specific angle.  THIS school and classroom setting allows the student to hone and refine their technique-this is exactly what you want.

I gave them a 5 star rating but the manual has font & formatting issues that need to be addressed-which they are doing.  ie:  Some font was size 14, some font size was 26, a few spelling errors, more punctuation errors, etc.  Once the manual better I can’t imagine what could be done to make this a better establishment.  More courses?

Given the amount of attention the Instructors give to the students and the one on one focused time, this course is under-priced.  We should be paying more for this course-the focused attention and i-dotting and t-crossing really is that. thorough.

For lunch there’s a grocery store across the street.  There’s a deli in there and a Starbucks in there.

Directions:  Exit the 57 freeway at Imperial Highway.  Go east to Kramer.  They are in the big white building on the southeast corner.

Important!  There’s s good sports bar up the street 1 block.  $2/beers every night!   ‘Shady Nook’.  It’s north up Kraemer at E. Birch.  Northwest corner.  Your husband can watch football/sports in there all day while you’re in class sticking a banana with a needle.  They have free food on Sundays during football season, so time your class for football season!  It’s a nice, happy crowd in there.  Your husband won’t be disappointed-good seating for the tvs.  Drag him along with you and then have him pick you up on Sunday so you can stick him for the test at the end of class.  Plus, if you’re traveling from out of town and don’t want to pay the outrageous prices for a hotel, go to the sports bar after class and then do some ‘urban camping’-sleep in the back seat of your car in your sleeping bag in the parking lot.  Then go to class in the morning.